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Symptoms Of A Sinusitis Pressure Headache

A Sinusitis pressure headache can occur just about anywhere where the sinus cavities are located and that is different from a normal headache where it is normally found on you sides, top and at the base of the skull as well as the neck region. For sinusitis pressure headache, you can feel a profound, dull or even sharp pain anywhere behind the eyes, at the region of the nose and cheekbones as well as behind the forehead. The process of going through an exercise or just by bending over can worsen the pain.

The Many Causes Of A Sinusitis Pressure Headache

The likely causes of sinusitis pressure headache are due to congestion of the nasal passageways or inflammation. The congestion and inflammation can be triggered by a cold or allergies such as hay fever. As a result of inflammation of the sinus cavities, the mucus will be blocked from effective drainage, giving rise to a sinus infection.

It is safe to conclude that a sinus infection is a cause of a sinusitis pressure headache. The sudden changes in atmospheric pressure due to traveling by planes, climbing at high altitudes and, deep sea diving and swimming can result in sinusitis pressure headaches as well.

What To Lookup For In Sinusitis Pressure Headache?

A sharp, aching dull is one such sign of sinusitis pressure headache that you can differentiate from a normal headache. On top of, sudden jerking of the head can give rise to pain in the sinus over and above sudden changes in temperature such as from a warm to a cold places.

More often than not, the sinusitis pressure headache is symptomatic of an underlying medical condition such as a sinus infection. Other general symptoms that you will encounter are sore throat due to postnasal drip, general fatigue, nasal congestion and greenish or yellowish discharge.

Types Of Treatment For a Sinusitis Pressure Headache

Inflammation of the sinus cavities will usually cause sinusitis pressure headache and the best form of treatment is both the use of a decongestant and pain reliever to treat it first. On the other hand if there is an absence of sinus infection and just the irregular sinusitis pressure headaches, a decongestant spray is adequate. The decongestant spray is to be used for a few days or you will get rebound congestion in which it is the worsening of the congestion.

When a sinusitis pressure headache persists, there is a need for prescription steroid nasal spray, as it will help to bring down the swelling in the sinus cavities. But if the sinusitis pressure headache is due to sinus infection, then a combination of both a decongestant and antibiotics are the most effective.

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